With over 30 years of procurement experience, working with some of the UK's largest brands, our expert team are now able to deliver significant savings in your business

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Our Solution

'Blue-chip' grade procurement expertise, with zero risk & no cost

Effective procurement can be the difference between a profitable and failing business. Large organisations invest heavily in procurement teams to ensure they are getting the best value deals to maximise their profit margins and service delivery. 

Unfortunately, not all businesses can justify in-house procurement expertise and as a result, in-direct spending often gets 'dumped' on someone's desk. 

This result is excessive spend, wasted time and under developed supplier relationships which all culminate in reduced profits. Our solution provides businesses the opportunity to benefit from procurement expertise without the risk and expense of employing an in-house team.

Assuming your profit margin is 10%, and we are able to save you £100,000 on your in-direct spend...
...You would have to create an additional £1million in revenue to deliver the same effect on your bottom line!

Our Process

Our no cost model means you can recruit expert procurement expertise into your business with zero risk

Spend Review

A full review across all of your spending categories to identify opportunities to reduce costs


We will then start to negotiate improved deals with your suppliers to drive down spend and improve your margins


Once we have completed our work you will have the final say - you will always be in full control

Shared Savings

We only get rewarded once we have delivered value in the form of genuine savings for your business

The easiest way to increase your year end profit